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Color Toner Cartridge Refill

Color Toner currently offers a color toner cartridge refill for your every need including refilling supplies and components that are available for a wide range of color printers and that are fully capable of supporting many different models. With more than enough products available, you are sure to find the color toner refill cartridge that will best suit you. If you are looking for a monochrome color toner cartridge refill, they suggest you visit their subsidiary Refill-Toner. Color Toner is a leading distributor Okidata Color Matched refill toner for the color toner cartridge refill remanufacturing industry. All of their products are co-developed with renowned manufacturers and certified by Color Toner's quality control standards to ensure reliability, durability and high-quality performance. In addition to a comprehensive product line, they offer one of the most knowledgeable technical support teams in the industry and a variety of information resources dedicated to the latest color laser technology.

As always, Color Toner delivers high-quality products on time-sensitive deadlines and at very competitive prices. At Color Toner, their toner is not modified to fit just any existing color toner cartridge; their color toner refill cartridge is formulated to fit the cartridge for which it is intended. Each printer and its distinct engine take a different toner and therefore a different color toner cartridge refill. They will never offer the so called "Universal Toner" that fits all. Remember you and your customers demand better! Their research and development team spends a considerable amount of time working to develop a quality toner cartridge refill recycling products. Quality begins with the first manufacturing process of blending the raw materials.

The formulation and blending of quality raw materials create a consistent color toner cartridge refill product. It is critical to get a homogenous blend of the toner material to insure that your remanufactured toner cartridge is consistent throughout the life cycle of the refilled toner cartridge. A quality color toners cartridge refill is formulated by using resinous materials that sink into the paper. This enables the color toner cartridge refill to withstand the rigors of the latest high-speed laser printers on the market today. The toner is then reduced in size to a fine powder. The particle size is controlled to within one half of one micron. This guarantees that a consistent amount of toner will be deposited on the paper. Remember small variations in toner deposition will affect the way prints will turn out. Your customers expect the very best from your service and you expect the very best from a color toner cartridge refill.


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